Monday, October 13, 2014

Lirik Lagu dan CHORD GITAR Maudy Ayunda - Bayangkan Rasakan

Maudy Ayunda adalah penyanyi yang berbakat di indonesia, Maudy Ayunda juga pemain film indonseia, yang memilik wajah imut dan centil, dan di bawah ini adalah Lirik Lagu dan CHORD GITAR Maudy Ayunda - Bayangkan Rasakan :

Lirik Lagu dan CHORD GITAR Maudy Ayunda - Bayangkan Rasakan

Intro: D
D G Bm A (2x)

D         G         Bm        A
Ku awali hari ini dengan senyuman
D         G         Bm
Mencoba lupakan keluh kesah
              A         D
Yang semalam telah ku lalui

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Noah - Jika Engkau

InNoah is one of the major bands in Indonesia, which used to be known by the name Peterpan formed in the range of 2000. Noah (formerly peterpan) in the past that has 6 personnel positions Ariel with Vocal, Guitar position Lukman, Reza in position Drum, Andie in a position Keyboard, Guitar Uky in position and Indra on position Bass.

according to sources from Wiki, Peterpan professional journey began in 2001 with expanded from cafe to cafe in Bandung. They played in cafes and Broom Sticks with O'Hara performed songs top 40, as well as alternative rock like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, U2, Creed, etc.. when in

Broom Sticks cafe was the one they were spotted by Noey potential, Java Jive base that is looking for bands to fill a compilation album. From the song sent by Peterpan manager, Budi Soeratman for the demo, which is "The Perfect Dream", "We Laugh" and "Sky Garden", elected the song "The Perfect Dream" to be included in 2002 compilation album The Story was released in July 2002 evening. not unexpectedly the song became hero of this album and boost sales to over 150,000 copies.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Song Lyrics Lamb of God – Lies Of Autumn

Song Lyrics Lamb of God – Lies Of Autumn

Due to the large demand in the email to post the lyrics of the song, finally this blog also contains the lyrics of the song.
hello how are you? I hope you stay healthy and keep the spirit. music is an expression of infinite heart. therefore I never get bored with music. and I also will not be bored to share something about the music on this blog.

video tablature guitar lamb of God - vigil
Lamb of God is one of my favorite metal bands. for those of you who like metal wing bands, surely you know this band. The band originated in America in the city of Richmond, Virginia. This band was formed in 1990. Lamb of god is a band that is famous all over the world. before the band was named Lamb of God. This band has a name Burn The Priest is at the start of the personnel, guitarist Mark Morton, drummer Chris Alder, bassist John Campbell and Conner.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tips on learning to play guitar

Guitar arena tips are one of the aboriginal things you should apperceive about abnormally if it comes to acquirements a new instrument. Abounding humans will action altered admonition on how you should activate acquirements back there may be several means to go about it. It will be awful benign to get an all-embracing account from the guitar arena tips that anybody has to offer, as they can advice actualize a smoother acquirements ambit for you.
The guitar arena tips beneath are one of the a lot of important and accepted ones you should apperceive about in adjustment to become acknowledged in arena guitar
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice-One of the guitar arena tips you will apprehend actual generally is that the alone way to become a acceptable guitar amateur is to practice. Just like any added interests, you will acquisition yourself accomplishing your goals abundant added bound if you put in abundant time and effort. Try to set abreast time anniversary day to convenance chords. Soon, you’ll be able to convenance songs. One hour is a acceptable bulk of time to allot to guitar arena anniversary day, abnormally if you are a beginner.
  2. Refer to a Ambit Chart-Guitar ambit archive are acutely benign if you are acquirements to play the guitar on your own. Visual cartoon will accommodate you with guitar arena tips by teaching you the altered feel positions activate on the affront bar. To play a specific guitar

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Republik - Sepatuku

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Republik - Sepatuku

Republik adalah salah satu band indonesia yang sudah berpengalaman dengan lagu lagu indah nya. Dengan kerja keras yang cukup berat, Akhirnya republik mampu melontarkan nama nya ke belahan indonesia. dan kali ini saya ingin memberikan lirik lagu dan chord gitar Republik yang berjudul Sepatuku :

C F 2x
C Dm Em F G

Kulihat surya Pagi Tersenyum
Bm A
Terangi RUANG suram Dihatiku
Em A
bertanya Apa Yang Akan terjadi mungkin
Esok Nanti ...

Kubisikan pintaku kepadamu
Bm A G
KARENA Padamu kubertanya ..
C # m C
Di aceh .. Nanti
Mungkinkah ku Tersenyum ..